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  • Bigro 85 1x55Kw + Ram II LT820 1x55Kw
  • Bigro 85 1x55 + Bimax 145 2x37kw
  • Bimax 145 2x55kw
  • Bimax 145 3x55kw
  • Bimax 145 3x55kw
  • BLT 70-760 1x22kw
  • Meggabite 145 2x55kw
  • Meggabite 145 3x55kw
  • Meggabite 145 3x55kw
  • Meggabite 145 3x55kw
  • RAM II LT 2030 2x37kw

Lyndex Recycling Systems Limited is the UK's leader in the design, manufacture and supply of waste recycling machinery.

Continuing with the philosophy of Lindemann Maschinenfabrik GMBH founding owner, Wademar Lindemann in 1913, to produce high-quality, high-performance equipment, built to last.

Our extensive range of machines handles all types of waste from wood, cans and plastics to metal and household refuse, and includes:

  • paper and waste baling presses
  • paper shredders and conditioners
  • conveyors
  • rotary shears
  • MRF, MSW and C&D systems

Lyndex continues to develop innovative ideas in it’s superior waste processing equipment, originally marketed under the Lindemann brand. Retaining Lindemann's intellectual rights and engineering expertise within this area has ensured the continued successful relationship with all our customers worldwide.

Lyndex also offer a complete service to the scrap recycling industry, our service department has many years of experience in repairing scrap shears and balers. We also offer a range of spare parts including blades, wear parts, seals, hydraulic pumps, and valves. Lyndex regularly supplies hydraulic pipes manufactured in our extensive workshop in Telford. Reconditioning of major components such as knife slides, stamper blades and hydraulic cylinders is also carried out.